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Dotdeb’s packages of Nginx 1.2.1 are now available for Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” (amd64/i386). They fix some bugs and enhance the IPv6 support. Please take a look at Nginx’ official Changelog before upgrading.

Please also note that Naxsi has been upgraded to the 0.46-1 version.

As usual, if you want to know which module has been included in each Nginx flavor, you just have to look at this document.

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  1. Guillaume Plessis

    @jon : please read the blog announcement and follow the link about “which module has been included in each Nginx flavor”, you’ll find that HttpHeadersMoreModule is included in nginx-passenger and nginx-extras.

  2. Jérémy

    Don’t you have a good article to install correctly Nginx 1.2.1 with Php5 FPM ?


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