MySQL 5.0.77 available

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MySQL 5.0.77 packages are now available on Dotdeb for Debian Etch amd64/i386. This is a maintenance release that fix some annoying bugs and a severe security issue. Please read the official list of changes in 5.0.77  before upgrading.

PHP 5.2.8 available [update]

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The PHP Group released PHP 5.2.8 this morning to fix the magic_quotes_gpc issue. If you previously installed PHP 5.2.7-0.dotdeb.1 from Dotdeb and do not care about the version number displayed in your phpinfo(), save your bandwidth, your server is already secure ūüôā Otherwise, just apt-get upgrade your LAMP¬†stack… [update] The packages have been upgraded to¬†5.2.8-0.dotdeb.1¬†to… Read more »

PHP 5.2.7 updated because magic_quotes_gpc is broken

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Stefan Esser has posted¬†a warning about upgrading PHP to the 5.2.7 release : (…)a change in the ext/filter extension that by default processes all incoming data, broke the magic_quotes_gpc feature. While magic_quotes_gpc itself is deprecated and it is recommended to not rely on it as protection against SQL injection, it is still used in many… Read more »