MySQL DBA, Maatkit is good for you!

Maatkit is one of the great Open Source tools (among Percona Server, Xtrabackup and so on…) published by Percona. It’s a collection of utilities that help MySQL DBAs in many redundant, complex or boring tasks. For example :

  • mk-query-digest that outputs a digest of the queries from a slow-query logfile or from a running MySQL server,
  • mk-slave-delay that could help you to keep a copy of your databases while rolling back a new version of your application,
  • mk-parallel-dump and mk-parallel-restore to speed up your dump/load processes,
  • mk-table-checksum that checks the consistency of your MySQL slave,

If you’re a MySQL DBA that runs Debian servers, you really should install the new Maatkit packages from Dotdeb and read its documentation. There is a tool that will help you on your daily usage of MySQL, for sure!


MySQL 5.1.50 is here

Yesterday, many announcements have been made on MySQL Sunday. MySQL 5.5 is now RC, and will be GA soon, with many (exciting) improvements.

No, there are no MySQL 5.5 packages on Dotdeb (yet), but MySQL 5.1.50 packages for Debian 5.0 « Lenny » are now available on Dotdeb in amd64/i386 flavours.

This bugfix release embeds the InnoDB plugin 1.0.11.

As usual, please read the Changelog carefully before upgrading.