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Calculate statistics from your Qmail logfiles using Awstats

Awstats is a commonly used program to calculate web statistics from your webserver logfiles. It can detect useragents, referers, unique visitors… But one of its another feature is to build usage reports from your mail server’s logfiles, as seen on this demo.

Here is how to quickly configure Awstats to take profit of your Qmail log files…





Vpopmail 5.4.25 updated

The Vpopmail 5.4.25 packages has been updated to fix a problem with passwords longer than 8 characters.

The /etc/init.d/vpopmail script has been updated to launch simultaneously :

  • the (enabled by default) POP3 server
  • the (disabled by default) POP3-SSL server
  • the (disabled by default) Vpopmaild server

depending on the settings in /etc/vpopmail/options.


Website problem

On the previous week-end, Dotdeb’s website went down due to configuation problems. Sorry for that, it is now fixed.