How to package PHP extensions by yourself

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I often receive emails telling me that Dotdeb is a great tool, but that some useful packages are missing, such as some¬†PECL extensions. I wish I could maintain many and many packages, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for the Dotdeb’s overall quality and for my free time ūüėČ Sorry for that. Then,… Read more »

Using the Google Perftools to speed up your MySQL server

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The Google Perftools, especially tcmalloc (Thread Caching Malloc), can be very useful to speed up your applications, depending on your environment : TCMalloc is faster than the glibc 2.3 malloc (available as a separate library called ptmalloc2) and other mallocs that I have tested. ptmalloc2 takes approximately 300 nanoseconds to execute a malloc/free pair on… Read more »

Mirroring Dotdeb

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If Dotdeb is useful for you and if you want to mirror it, just add a cron job to¬†periodically fetch the packages : rsync -a –delete /your/local/path/rsync -a –delete /your/local/path/ Then, if you wish your mirror to appear on the mirrors list, send me its full URL. Note 1 : mirroring once a… Read more »

Storing your PHP sessions using memcached

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Using PHP sessions can be a problem when your PHP applications are load-balanced on many web servers. You can store them on a NFS export or recode the session_set_save_handler¬†using a SQL backend for example. But there is no solution more efficient, more scalable, more performant and easier to deploy than using memcached… Memcached is a… Read more »

How to enable greylisting on your Qmail server

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Greylisting is very useful to avoid most of the incoming spam on your mail server. The Qmail packages shipped on Dotdeb have built-in MySQL-based greylisting. Here is how to enable it… Installation First of all, be sure to have Qmail installed from Dotdeb with a version number greater than 1.03-37.dotdeb.1. Then, since we’ll use a… Read more »