Mirroring Dotdeb

If Dotdeb is useful for you and if you want to mirror it, just add a cron job to periodically fetch the packages :

rsync -a --delete /your/local/path/

Then, if you wish your mirror to appear on the mirrors list, send me its full URL.

Note 1 : mirroring once a day should be enough. More frequent updates could lead to a ban without any warning.
Note 2 : Using anything else than Rsync (Wget, HTTrack…) could lead to a ban without any warning.

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Are you providing an apt-key gpg key for your repository?
Sorry for posting this here, but I didn’t find a closer thread 😉

We use English on this website.

Мы используем английский на этом сайте.

I’ve just set up a mirror in US Sanjose for those who have poor connection to the official US mirror. Suppose to update every 5 days.

1G port, 2T bandwidth per month


It’s not a poor connection… it’s a throttled connection so that many connections can be made and not sucking up bandwidth for just a few. And no one else has said anything about the connection until now.

I’m not complaining about it, but providing an alternative source for those who need it. Sorry if I made you confusing.


is it possible to do a mirror of dotdeb using reprepro for updating ?


Are you still looking for additional mirrors? I have one running out of Lansing, MI (US) if needed. Thanks!

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