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If Dotdeb is useful for you and if you want to mirror it, just add a cron job to periodically fetch the packages :

rsync -a --delete /your/local/path/

Then, if you wish your mirror to appear on the mirrors list, send me its full URL.

Note 1 : mirroring once a day should be enough. More frequent updates could lead to a ban without any warning.
Note 2 : Using anything else than Rsync (Wget, HTTrack…) could lead to a ban without any warning.

38 Responses to “Mirroring Dotdeb”

  1. Scott Grayban

    Been trying to email you but all emails sent to your address are not going through and bouncing back. Please email me a address that does not do this. Thanks.

  2. Xaver Maierhofer


    how many traffic is normal for a dotdeb mirror?

    xaver maierhofer

  3. Xaver Maierhofer

    Thx for the fast answer,

    and how many disk_space for all packages?

  4. Xaver Maierhofer

    Ah, ok
    Germany is already listed 😉

    Thx for your great service anyways!

  5. Mike O'Connor


    I’m mirror dotdeb in Australia, but I would also like to mirror

    Would you be interested in me doing this ?

    If do you you think you could add an rsync share ?


  6. Stephan

    Are you providing an apt-key gpg key for your repository?
    Sorry for posting this here, but I didn’t find a closer thread 😉

  7. Tim

    I would like to mirror it in the uk if you don’t already have someone.

  8. Anthony

    i emailed earlier offering my services as a dotdeb mirror in the UK (London) let me know if you can take me up on the offer and i will get it hooked up

  9. Scott Grayban

    We use English on this website.

    Мы используем английский на этом сайте.

  10. Anthony Somerset

    tried sending this direct but got a spam bounce

    rsync has been stuck and failing all day on IPv6

    i’ve manually forced rsync to use IPv4 for now but thought better to make you aware

  11. msg7086

    I’ve just set up a mirror in US Sanjose for those who have poor connection to the official US mirror. Suppose to update every 5 days.

    1G port, 2T bandwidth per month


  12. Scott

    It’s not a poor connection… it’s a throttled connection so that many connections can be made and not sucking up bandwidth for just a few. And no one else has said anything about the connection until now.

  13. msg7086

    I’m not complaining about it, but providing an alternative source for those who need it. Sorry if I made you confusing.

  14. Lengronne


    is it possible to do a mirror of dotdeb using reprepro for updating ?


  15. Travis Z.

    Are you still looking for additional mirrors? I have one running out of Lansing, MI (US) if needed. Thanks!