What to expect from MySQL 5.4?

MySQL 5.4 has been announced at the opening session of MySQL Conference 2009 and a preview is available for download. This release may look as a compromise between the current 5.1 and the major 6.0 branches, but it includes many (IMHO needed) improvements :

  • Sub-query optimizations
  • A new query algorythms
  • Replication killer features : replication heartbeat and semi-synchronous replication!
  • Google SMP patch (even for Solaris x86 and Sparc) and IO patches
  • Update of many antiquated defaults in the MySQL Server (like replication-related –master-host and so on…)
  • InnoDB improvements (such as scalability up to 16way x86 and up to 64way CMT servers)
  • A couple of performance fixes backported from 6.0
  • Dtrace integration on supported OSes

The results? 59% faster than 5.1, 40% improvement in read/write test, 71% throughput increase!

For more info, read “A Quick Look at MySQL 5.4”.

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