MySQL 5.1.41 has been updated to fix a security issue

I just uploaded new MySQL 5.1.41 packages that fix a remote buffer overflow in MySQL servers that use the embedded YaSSL library :

Since Debian and Dotdeb are impacted, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade your servers.

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Hi Guillaume thanks for rapidly responding to security updates for your packages

have you considered push notification of mirrors so that they can replicate these updates quickly?

I’m trying to rebuild your 5.1.43 package with a patch but there are always failing tests (with or without the patch)

Failing test(s): main.partition_innodb main.information_schema_chmod main.trigger rpl.rpl_rotate_logs

I’m running AMD64 Lenny. Any ideas? What are your dpkg-buildpackage parameters?

@Guillaume: Thank you very much! Works like a charm 🙂

Do you have the tests enabled when building your packages?

Hi Guillaume,

First, thanks for your work compiling and packaging mysql 5.1

I suggest that you could activate the –enable-thread-safe-client flag. It won’t do any harmful, and it will benefit a lot the people (like me ;D) that uses multithreaded applications on debian!

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