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After PHP 5.3.4 has been released by the PHP Group and after the corresponding Suhosin patch has been published by Stefan Esser, the PHP 5.3.4 packages for Debian “Lenny” 5.0 are now available on Dotdeb. Thanks for your patience.

Follow these instructions if you’re installing them for the first time.ย And as usual, please read the full announcement and the Changelog before upgrading.

Happy new year!

14 Responses to “PHP 5.3.4 is available”

  1. Ravn

    Happy new year, and thanks for this update and all the effort you put into dotdeb, makes my life a lot easier.

    If you would just add proftpd, and dovecot to the dotdeb list as well, I would have even more time to pretend that I’m working ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. scrd

    Tnx for your work :). A question: I want to install php + mysql but not apache (I use nginx). Is it possible ?

    btw I used: apt-get install php5

  3. scrd


    apt-get install php5-fpm mysql-common

    … is ok for a “complete” php+mysql env?

  4. Guillaume Plessis

    @scrd : it depends on your needs

    * for PHP : php5-fpm
    * for PHP extensions : php5-gd php5-mysql php5-apc…
    * for MySQL : mysql-server-5.1

  5. scrd

    So i need:

    PHP: php5-fpm (to work with nginx via FastCGI)
    (already patched with Suhosin ?)
    MYSQL: mysql-server-5.1

    PHP extension: can you provide me a “standard” list of extensions (ie for WordPress) ?

    tnx again

  6. Guillaume Plessis

    @scrd : php5-fpm is already patched with Suhosin. If you need more protection, install the php5-suhosin package/extension.

    For WordPress, you’ll need php5-mysql and php5-gd

  7. Gabriel


    I am running Ubuntu Lucid LTS + dotdeb packages for my PHP5. After upgrading from PHP 5.3.3 my eAccelerator doesn’t work anymore! eAccelerator is build from source. Even after a clean rebuild PHP5 is throwing an error, that eAccelerator has been build for the wrong PHP-Release.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

  8. CJ

    hello looks like you are the expert I should be talking to. I have php 5.2 and when I run apt-get update my php version is stil 5.2

    Could you please help. I am using debian and new to php.

  9. Guillaume Plessis

    @CJ : “apt-get update” only updates the list of available packages. “apt-get dist-upgrade” will upgrade the packages. Please read some APT manual.