Redis 2.4.1 is out!

A few days ago, Redis 2.4.0, then Redis 2.4.1, have been released with some important changes since the 2.2 branch :
  1. a bunch of optimizations for both size and speed
  2. improved RDB persistence
  3. deprecated VM
  4. no Redis cluster
  5. no scripting

I’m proud to announce that packages of Redis 2.4.1 are now available on Dotdeb for Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” amd64/i386.

(You’ll find everything you want to know about Redis 2.4 on this blog post, by antirez. Please read it carefully before upgrading.)

3 replies on “Redis 2.4.1 is out!”

Solved: I needed to specify pidfile in redis.conf. My conf file on 2.2 didn’t have the pidfile directive and it worked just fine, but it seems we need to add it explicitly on 2.4.

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