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Security : Nginx 1.4.7, for Wheezy and Squeeze

Nginx 1.4.7 has been released on March 18th 2014, fixing a potential heap memory buffer overflow when using SPDY, and also the fastcgi_next_upstream directive. More info in the changelog.

As a consequence, Dotdeb’s packages of Nginx 1.4.7 are now available for both Debian 7.0 “Wheezy” and Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” (amd64/i386).

As usual, if you want to know which module has been included in each Nginx flavor, you just have to look at this document.

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Hi. I have problem when i apt-get upgrade
dpkg: błąd przetwarzania nginx-common (–configure):
podproces zainstalowany skrypt post-installation zwrócił kod błędu 1
dpkg: problemy z zależnościami uniemożliwiają skonfigurowanie pakietu nginx-extras:
nginx-extras zależy od nginx-common (= 1.4.7-1~dotdeb.1); jednakże:
Pakiet nginx-common nie jest jeszcze skonfigurowany.

dpkg: błąd przetwarzania nginx-extras (–configure):
problemy z zależnościami – pozostawianie nieskonfigurowanego
Wystąpiły błędy podczas przetwarzania:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

every time I upgrade the dotdeb nginx packages (nginx-common, nginx-naxsi), the /var/log/nginx directory is reset to owner www-data, group adm. I have nginx running under another username, and would appreciate it if the package does not change the ownership of files needlessly.

Hello, please i have a question about ngx_pagespeed

When i install nginx-extras using dotdeb repos ngx_pagespeed is installed too or need make some thing more?

I added pagespéed on; in nginx.conf but it failed to start

I’d like to know if there is some documentation available comparing nginx-full to nginx-extras as packaged by dotdeb.

I found similar comparison matrixe for older nginx versions and not specific to dotdeb.

Basically I’d like to know if nginx-extras is compiled with support for the fastcgi_cache_purge module.

Thanks for the new release. Just wondering if it would be possible to have to builds of nginx on dotdeb, one for “stable” branch, and one for “mainline” branch.

Many thanks,

How often does the package get updated – with each release or at set periods? Nginx 1.6.0 released within days of this update, and ngx_pagespeed went through two updates since (one of which fixes something broken on my site). Some updates seem to have happened within a few weeks of others, others have months between them, so unsure.

Also, is there a way to know which version of pagespeed is being compiled in nginx-extras?

@Vidyut : I’m trying to update the packages as soon as the upstream sources are released. But, you know, I have a job and not as much free time as I’d want. And because I want to deliver stable packages, it sometimes need some more tests/time.

About Pagespeed, the current version is, but it will get updated in the upcoming 1.6.0 build. Each Pagespeed upgrade is announced in a blog post; And if you want to know more, you can dig into my Github repo :

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