Redis 3.0.4

Redis 3.0.4 has been released on September 8th 2015, bringing some important fixes and new replication features.

The upgrade urgency is high for Redis and Sentinel.

However note that in order to fix certain replication bugs, the replication internals were modified in a very heavy way. So while this release is conceptually saner, it may contain regressions. For this reason, before the release, QA activities were performed by me (antirez) and Redis Labs and no evident bug was found.

The packages are now available :

  • for Debian 8 “Jessie”, Debian 7 “Wheezy” and Debian 6 “Squeeze”
  • on both amd64 and i386 architectures.

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We run redis 3.0.2 with php 5.6 on Jessie 8.2. I see this notice in the redis-server logs, below:

(do you recommend we follow this advice? and is there any talk of future version of redis modifying this behavior or advice?):

5771:M 02 Sep 17:39:02.093 # Server started, Redis version 3.0.2
5771:M 02 Sep 17:39:02.162 # WARNING overcommit_memory is set to 0! Background save may fail under low memory condition. To fix this issue add ‘vm.overcommit_memory = 1’ to /etc/sysctl.conf and then reboot or run the command ‘sysctl vm.overcommit_memory=1’ for this to take effect.
5771:M 02 Sep 17:39:02.162 # WARNING you have Transparent Huge Pages (THP) support enabled in your kernel. This will create latency and memory usage issues with Redis. To fix this issue run the command ‘echo never > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled’ as root, and add it to your /etc/rc.local in order to retain the setting after a reboot. Redis must be restarted after THP is disabled.

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