10 Responses to “Redis 3.2.6”

  1. azur


    these was a php-redis release on 20.12. ( php7.0-redis_3.1.0-1~dotdeb+8.1_amd64.deb ) which is causing crash of Apache child processes on all of our servers. Can you, please, look at it? Thank you.

  2. Guillaume Plessis

    @Ricardo : it is compiled against jemalloc :
    # redis-server --version
    Redis server v=3.2.6 sha=00000000:0 malloc=jemalloc-4.0.3 bits=64 build=48e6494d0efed33

  3. Jools

    same problem with cphp7-fom crashing. had to go back to 3.0.0~rc1-1~dotdeb+8.2 last working package apt-cache said was available)

  4. Jools

    I noticed there was a 3.1.0-1~dotdeb+8.2 – unfortunately it is still crashing

    traps: php-fpm7.0[2932] general protection ip:563f975a9b2b sp:7ffec88bdd80 error:0 in php-fpm7.0[563f97399000+45a000]