MySQL 5.5.27

The packages of MySQL 5.5.27 are now available for Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” on both amd64 and i386 architectures. They fixes some InnoDB- and replication-related issues.

As usual, please read carefully the full Changelog before upgrading.

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When upgrading from mysql-server-5.5.23-1 I got the following error:

Stopping MySQL database server: mysqld.
this is very strange! see /tmp/mysql-symlink-restore-vWo0y0/README…
mv: no se puede mover «/var/lib/mysql» a «/tmp/mysql-symlink-restore-vWo0y0/mysql»: Dispositivo o recurso ocupado
dpkg: error al procesar mysql-server-5.5 (–configure):
el subproceso instalado el script post-installation devolvió el código de salida de error 1

Initially I was having another error because my datadir is on /home/mysql and I had a symlink to /var/lib/mysql. After searching for the error I found this comment http://localhost:8080/2009/11/27/mysql-5-1-41-is-available-for-debian-lenny-and-etch/#comment-1788 sugesting to use a mount point, now I got the error shown above.

After upgrading from 5.5.25a the mysqld did not came up again. The problem is caused by wrong file permissions of the binlogs – suddenly the binlogs belonging root:root (0660).

Quick fix was a chown – but I guess this is not the way it should be.

Any bug in the package files/scripts?


if you have your own my.cnf (as in our case here) – make sure you provide a “user = mysql” setting in the [mysqld] section. Without it, files will be created as root. (doh)

Please, I need help with the error posted above.

I managed to get mysql running and noticed that it’s running on version 5.5.27-1 but as the post-int script finished with errors apt thinks things are broken and I can’t use it to install new software.

@Roland Franssen : Dotdeb is built for Debian stable. Debian stable contains libmysqlclient16. If you use another distribution (at your own risk), you may encounter dependency issues.

In your case, prefer installing php5-mysqlnd instead of php5-mysql, it’s bound to the bundled MySQL native driver instead of libmysqlclient16.

@Roland Franssen : Yes, as said before, installing php5-mysqlnd instead of php5-mysql will solve your dependency issue.

FYI, php5-mysql from one distribution depends from the current libmysqlclient from the distribution. In Debian stable, it’s libmysqlclient16, on Ubuntu, it’s libmysqlclient18. No big deal.

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