Passenger 3.0.14

Packages of Passenger 3.0.14 are now available for Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” on both amd64 and i386 architectures.

Here is the announcement from Phusion’s blog :

Phusion Passenger is an Apache and Nginx module for deploying Ruby web applications. It has a strong focus on ease of use, stability and performance. Phusion Passenger is built on top of tried-and-true, battle-hardened Unix technologies, yet at the same time introduces innovations not found in most traditional Unix servers. Since version 3.0 it can also run standalone without an external web server, making it not only easier for first-time users but also ideal on development environments.

Recent changes

Phusion Passenger is under constant maintenance and development. We are pleased to announce Phusion Passenger version 3.0.14. This is a bug fix release.

  • [Apache] Fixed a long-standing mod_rewrite-related problem : Some mod_rewrite rules would not work, but it depends on the exact mod_rewrite configuration so it would work for some people but not for others. Issue #563. Thanks a lot to cedricmaion for providing information on the nature of the bug and to peter.nash55 for providing a VM that allowed us to reproduce the problem.
  • [Nginx] Preferred Nginx version to 1.2.2 : The previously preferred version was 1.2.1.
  • Other changes : Cleared some confusing terminology in the documentation. Fixed some Ruby 1.9 encoding problems.

One reply on “Passenger 3.0.14”

Hello, Guillaume.

First of all, thanks for your work. Keep it up! Second, I’d like to request you to compile passenger so that it depends on ruby1.9.1 instead of ruby. Otherwise you cannot have Debian Squeeze with just version 1.9.1. Not sure it this should actually be solved through asking the backports guys to compile another ruby package.


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