PHP 5.5.11 for Debian Wheezy

On April 2nd 2014, the PHP group has released PHP 5.5.11 :

Several bugs were fixed in this release, some bundled libraries updated and a security issue has been fixed : CVE-2013-7345. We recommand all PHP 5.5 users to upgrade to this version.

As a consequence, PHP 5.5.11 packages are now available on Dotdeb for Debian 7.4 “Wheezy”, on both amd64 and i386 architectures.

Please read the Changelog and the migration guide (be aware of the backward incompatible changes) before upgrading.

And don’t forget: if you find Dotdeb useful, you may want to show your support.

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After upgrade I am seeing this message:

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘/usr/lib/php5/20121212/’ – cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

That is generated by the cron:

Cron [ -x /usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime ] && [ -x /usr/lib/php5/sessionclean ] && [ -d /var/lib/php5 ] && /usr/lib/php5/sessionclean /var/lib/php5 $(/usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime)

I have tried apt-get install –reinstall php5-memcached, but it hasn’t helped

I don’t see the message when I run ‘php -i’.

The file /usr/lib/php5/20121212/ is definitely present on the system

Any ideas?

root@app1:~# apt-get install –reinstall libmemcached10
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
Reinstallation of libmemcached10 is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.

I ran ‘strings’ on /usr/lib/php5/20121212/ and it contains:

yet something seems to be looking for per the above

For some reason I had to add not just this repo (we are using PHP 5.5 on Wheezy)

deb wheezy-php55 all
deb-src wheezy-php55 all

But this one too:

deb wheezy all
deb-src wheezy all

After that I could run this:

root@app1:~# apt-get install libmemcached11
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
The following NEW packages will be installed:
0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.
Need to get 113 kB of archives.
After this operation, 260 kB of additional disk space will be used.
Get:1 wheezy/all libmemcached11 amd64 1.0.16-1 [113 kB]

(fetched from your regular wheezy (e.g php 5.4) repo )

Then this:

After this operation, 222 kB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue [Y/n]?
Get:1 wheezy/all libmemcachedutil2 amd64 1.0.16-1 [23.4 kB]
Get:2 wheezy-php55/all php5-memcached amd64 5.5.11-1~dotdeb.1 [39.1 kB]

Note libmemcachedutil2 from the regular wheezy repo

Only after that did my PHP5-memcached work, and show memcache settings per php -i | grep -i memcache

I suspect something has gone weird there in your separate repos regarding libmemcached versions?


Thanks Guillaume, we had installed successfully with just wheezy-55 in the past, so I didn’t realise this was needed. Cheers!

I installed a fresh copy of Wheezy and am trying to get the easiest/cleanest way to get PHP 5.5 running with Apache. I installed Apache2, added the dependencies to the Sources.list, installed PHP5 and now I can get PHP to work through the command line but not through Apache. When I do a service restart I see “Apache is running a threaded MPM, but your PHP Module is not compiled to be threadsafe. You need to recompile PHP.”

What is the easiest way to fix this? I’m not looking for anything custom and can remove whatever needed, I’m just looking for a “stock” version of Apache and PHP 5.5.

Any ideas?

Sorry, I’m a bit of a newbie here.

can you explain me the way ?
i’l try to apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork liapache2-mod-php5.

But he still not worked.
Thx for your time

apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork libapache2-mod-php5 should uninstall apache2-mpm-worker and do the job. Launch service apache2 restart after that and if the problem persists, please give us more details about the errors/commands/etc…

i have no error but on my test page ( phpinfo(); ) the page is clean no info on php

dpkg -l *apache2*
ii apache2-mpm-prefork 2.2.22-13+deb7 amd64 Apache HTTP Server – traditional non-thread
ii apache2-utils 2.2.22-13+deb7 amd64 utility programs for webservers
ii apache2.2-bin 2.2.22-13+deb7 amd64 Apache HTTP Server common binary files
ii apache2.2-common 2.2.22-13+deb7 amd64 Apache HTTP Server common files
ii libapache2-mod-php5 5.5.11-1~dotde amd64 server-side, HTML-embedded scripting langua

here is the list of all packages with *apache2*
and yes I did not install apache2-mpm-worker

if you want more file mail me at zimzim62000[at]

and i give you all you need my conf file ( but its default file )

sorry for that

@zimzim : be sure to enable mod_php with a2enmod php5 ; service apache restart. And take a look at /var/log/apache2/error.log to see if anything goes wrong while launching apache2

you are my boss !

it’s work fine 😀

Thx a lots guillaume

have a nice day 🙂

Indeed, I got confused too.
I have the same issue than mig5 with memcache, but I get it with xcache:

Apache’s error log says:
/usr/lib/php5/20121212/ doesn’t appear to be a valid Zend extension

In XCache’s case, there is nothing more to be installed, so adding wheezy repo didn’t help.

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