PHP 5.3.0 RC2 packages for Lenny

A few days ago, the second release candidate of PHP 5.3.0 has been published by the PHP Group.

I just updated the preview packages for Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 “Lenny” on amd64 and i386. Have fun!


MySQL 5.0.81 is now available (for Etch only)

On May 1st, MySQL 5.0.81 has been published with a lot of bugfixes.

If you’re still using Etch, the corresponding packages are now available for i386 and amd64.


What to expect from MySQL 5.4?

MySQL 5.4 has been announced at the opening session of MySQL Conference 2009 and a preview is available for download. This release may look as a compromise between the current 5.1 and the major 6.0 branches, but it includes many (IMHO needed) improvements :

  • Sub-query optimizations
  • A new query algorythms
  • Replication killer features : replication heartbeat and semi-synchronous replication!
  • Google SMP patch (even for Solaris x86 and Sparc) and IO patches
  • Update of many antiquated defaults in the MySQL Server (like replication-related –master-host and so on…)
  • InnoDB improvements (such as scalability up to 16way x86 and up to 64way CMT servers)
  • A couple of performance fixes backported from 6.0
  • Dtrace integration on supported OSes

The results? 59% faster than 5.1, 40% improvement in read/write test, 71% throughput increase!

For more info, read “A Quick Look at MySQL 5.4”.


Built from the Valley, MySQL 5.1.34 is available

Blogging and building live from MySQL Conf 09… If you want more details about what happens here (technical sessions, MySQL 5.4, InnoDB improvements, MySQL Cluster, Sun/Oracle fusion…) or want to enjoy a drink in the Valley, please let me know…

MySQL Conf 09
credits : Duncan Davidson

Back to the Dotdeb business : MySQL 5.1.34 has been published with its lot of bugfixes. It is now built and available on Dotdeb for your Lenny/Etch amd64/i386 Debian servers. No change in the packaging, just apt-get upgrade


Minor update of the PHP 5.2.9 packages

The PHP 5.2.9 packages for Etch/Lenny amd64/i386 have been updated :

  • some obsolete ./configure options have been deleted
  • the sigchild support has been dropped
  • a memory leak has been fixed

PHP 5.3.0 RC1 packages for Lenny

A few days ago, the first release candidate of PHP 5.3.0 has been published by the PHP Group, providing many improvements :

I just built the packages for Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 “Lenny” on amd64 and i386 and I will maintain them during the whole release cycle (RC2 and so on…).

Please note that they should NOT be installed on production servers : Suhosin and some important patches are not applied, PECL extensions are not available (yet)… They’re here for testing purpose only.

To fetch them, just add these temporary entries in your /etc/apt/sources.list and upgrade your instances :

deb stable all
deb-src stable all

But please DO read the full announcement before any further move.


MySQL 5.1 updated

Quick post : MySQL AB has just released MySQL 5.1.33… This maintenance release fixes several bugs… The packages are now available for Lenny and Etch, amd64 and i386…They re-introduces the readline support in the MySQL client… Enjoy.


PHP 5.2.9 is packaged (at last)

Sorry for the delay, but I had to come back from winter sports to have a decent Internet connection…

After being published by the PHP Group, PHP 5.2.9 anf its corresponding PECL extensions is now packaged for Lenny/Etch, amd64/i386. It fixes some annoying crashes and one security issue. The next release should be PHP 5.3.0 with some new interesting features (MySQL native driver, Phar, namespaces…).

Take a look at the official Changelog for more details before doing this recommanded upgrade.


MySQL 5.1.32 is now available

MySQL AB has just released MySQL 5.1.32. This maintenance release fixes several bugs and one security issue. Upgrading is recommended, especially for those using replication.

Last but not least, it is now packaged for Lenny and Etch, amd64 and i386! Feel free to upgrade your servers…


Dotdeb : Debian 5.0 “Lenny” support in progress…

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 “Lenny” has been published on last Valentine’s day. Although most of the Dotdeb packages for the previous release, “Etch”, are compatible with Lenny, it is now time for Dotdeb to have dedicated packages for this new distribution.

Lenny banner

I’m actually kind of busy at work, but I managed to build and upload the most important packages : PHP5, PHP5 PECL extensions and MySQL 5.1. Additional pieces of software (Google Perftools, for example) will appear in the next few days. Please be patient and don’t hesit to make suggestions.

What (about LAMP) has changed in Lenny?

  • Apache 1.3 has been removed, in favour of Apache 2.2. You have to migrate before any other change.
  • In addition, libapache-mod-php5 is still present, but it’s a non-sense and a cause of mistake : it depends on the missing apache-common package! You have been warned.
  • MySQL 5.0 comes in a satisfying recent release (5.0.51a) and will take profit of official Debian security releases.

What will change in the Lenny branch of Dotdeb?

  • PHP5 (5.2, 5.3, …) has now the focus and will be updated frequently, so PHP4 is not maintained anymore. PHP6 will be uploaded when it’s ready.
  • Up-to-date MySQL 5.1 packages will be provided as often as needed
  • MySQL 5.0 effort has been discontinued in favour the official Debian packages.
  • I’m wondering if I will keep maintaining the mail-related packages (Qmail, Vpopmail, Ezmlm, Qmailadmin…). If you really need them, let me know in the comments.

Should I switch to Lenny or should I stick to Etch?

It’s up to you. I will continue maintaining up-to-date packages for Etch in the next few months, so you’ll have time to upgrade your servers. Whatever you choose, you just have to take care of the Dotdeb entries in your sources.list :

  • It should refer to stable or lenny if you want to make the switch and take benefits from the brand new Debian distribution :
deb http://your.mirror/ stable all
deb-src http://your.mirror/ stable all
  • It should refer to oldstable or etch if you want to stick to the good old Etch and to take your time to upgrade.
deb http://your.mirror/ oldstable all
deb-src http://your.mirror/ oldstable all

(Please chose a mirror near your location on this page)


Thanks for using Dotdeb! This personnal project still aims (and will continue) to provide an efficient and up-to-date LAMP stack to your servers.